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Typically a variant (usually a chase or exclusive) in the Reel Fresh series. Alt may include alternative art (like a teaser poster, video store poster, international poster, or VHS/DVD cover) instead of the original one-sheet. In some cases if original poster art isn't available then a common will be released with alt art.

A variant (typically chase) with retro anaglyph red and blue 3D art

Big Box
Oversized promotional packaging (often a VHS clamshell) gifted for PR. Sometimes available for sale to collectors in very limited quantities exclusively on

A variant made in limited quantities

A list of every release and variant in a Stubz series

A Stubz with different artwork on each side

A Stubz produced in typcial run quantities

A Stubz collector with the goal of owning every release and variant in a Stubz series

Double Feature
A Chimera Stubz in the Reel Fresh series featuring art from two different films (one on each side) typically from the same franchise

A Stubz that is only available from a specific retailer or event

A variant (typically chase) in the Reel Fresh series which includes a facsimile autograph of a star or filmmaker, provided to Xyrena specifically for printing on Stubz

Fresh Faces™
Stubz series featuring influencers, creators, public figures, and celebrities

The small, fuzzy remnants left behind after removing the Stubz Marquee. Fuzzies are minimized by cutting the perforation with scissors.

A Stubz produced with glow in the dark or UV (blacklight) reactive ink

The printed card at the top of the Stubz pack

Holder / "Stubz Hubz"
A hard plastic protective case for Stubz and other trading cards

When Xyrena has exclusivity to a license/IP in both the trading card and air freshener categories

The removable top of Stubz which includes the scent name, barcode, and QR code to special features. The back of the marquee resembles a trading card grading label.

A Stubz printed with a mistake or error (like a misspelling)

The plastic wrap packaging around a Stubz

The perforated line across the width of Stubz that is used to remove the marquee

Red Band
A variant (typically chase) in the Reel Fresh series with a solid red border

Reel Fresh™
Stubz series featuring movie art

Release Number (No.)
The consecutive number assigned to a common release in a Stubz series. If an exclusive doesn't have a common version it will just receive a regular numeric release number.

A Stubz line with a specific theme/subject

The inherent, slight variation of design position and border dimensions due to the nature of the Stubz manufacturing process

Short Run
A Stubz printed in extremely low quantities

A protective plastic cover used by collectors to protect Stubz

The absorbent paper Stubz are printed on. Typically 80 pt (2mm) thick but will fit most 75pt holders without a sleeve.

The world's first, patent-pending air freshener / scented trading card hybrid invented by Killian Wells for Xyrena. Name inspired by ticket stubs.

A Stubz with different art or features than its primary or common release

Variant Number (No.)
Chase and exclusive variants receive an alphanumeric modifier. For example, if a common release number is 5 and two chase variants are produced then their variant numbers will be 5B and 5C respectively. A is not used.